Member Information

What do I need to join?

For each skater, RAJRD requests 

– a copy of valid health insurance card
– physicians clearance (within past 2 years /more recently than any serious illness or injury)
-1 health form and 1 medical form which include authorization for emergency medical treatment
-liability waiver
-parent code of conduct
-skater code of conduct
-photo release form

Paper copies of Liability Waivers, JRDA Health/Medical and Photo release forms will be provided. Each of these must be completed prior to skater participation.

JRDA Health Registration Form
JRDA Medical Release

Skaters playing in sanctioned level 3 games may have additional requirements to complete such as JRDA skater registration and an age waiver.

JRDA Age Waiver (for skaters playing level 3 that were born on or after 9/1/2006

All Skaters, their Parent(s), and non-parent Roll Models are required to adhere to the Rochester Area Junior Roller Derby Code of Conduct that applies to their role. Each Code of Conduct is reviewed and completed in person. Parent and Skater Code of Conduct from 2023 season can be viewed below