Member Information

What do I need to join?

For each skater, RAJRD requests 

– a completed and SUBMITTED online registration form
– a copy of valid health insurance card
– 1 health history form
– 1 medical consent form (authorization for emergency medical treatment)
-liability waiver
-parent code of conduct
-skater code of conduct
-photo release form

Paper copies of Liability Waivers, JRDA Health/Medical and Photo release forms are provided. Each of these must be completed prior to skater participation. Our insurance carrier requires us to have original signed liability waivers, other forms may be completed and emailed to the secretary in advance if it is more convenient for your family to do so. Please see the documents at the bottom of this page.

Skaters playing in sanctioned level 3 games may have additional requirements to complete such as JRDA skater registration and an age waiver.

All Skaters, their Parent(s), and non-parent Roll Models are required to adhere to the Rochester Area Junior Roller Derby Code of Conduct that applies to their role. Each Skater Code of Conduct is reviewed and completed in person.

The forms below are only required in certain circumstances.

Appendix D- Medical Clearance Form Template is one option/example of a form clearing a skater to return to play after injury or suspected concussion. Your doctor may have their own form they prefer, which is fine!

The Age Waiver is required for Skaters that turn 14 after September 1any season, have fully passed their level 3 assessments, and intend to play AT level 3. Younger Skaters cannot be added to the charter until this form is complete!