Rochester Area Junior Derby

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Photo Credit Drew Wiedemann
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Rochester Area Junior Roller Derby Merch, Swag, and Apparel

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Registration for 2022-2023 season coming soon! October 2022 through May 2023). Scholarships may be available.

Rochester Area Junior Roller Derby is the region’s first team offering roller derby play and training to children and teens from 6-18. As a JRDA affiliated team, skaters learn the basics of safe skating as they work through their level I, II, and III assessments in preparation for scrimmage and game play.

Flat track roller derby is a sport that involves various levels of contact depending on a skater’s skill level. Skaters are regularly assessed on their knowledge of the game and skills in order to ensure they are ready to play competitively and be safe no matter which level they play.

Rochester Area Junior Roller Derby accepts new skaters anytime during the season until we reach capacity. Loaner gear is available for new derby enthusiasts to try the sport before committing to a whole gear setup. Contact us to find out about visiting or joining practice.

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