Effective 10/1/2023, there is updated paperwork necessary for all skaters. Morti will have hard copies available on 9/30 at practice. If you cannot have these ready to submit to Morti by the end of practice on 9/30, please work with her to make plans to get them in at least several days prior to your first practice in October!

Insurance Waiver is required 3-7 days prior to joining RAJRD for practices.

The new insurance also requires stricter background checks on volunteers, more training (in addition to current concussion training) insurance for Roll Models on skates, and waivers for everyone!

Other forms include:

Medical Consent form
(required for all skaters 18 and under)
Health history page 1
Health history page 2
Skater Code of Conduct (completed together with Roll Models during practice time)
Photo Release form

Other forms include

-an “age waiver” for skaters playing level 3 that have not yet turned 14

-a medical clearance for returning to derby after an injury, suspected concussion, or other situation that requires health care provider input (physicians may use their own letter head or standardized form as well, the JRDA RMG Appendix is an option that helps health care providers understand the contact at each skill level.)

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