Help Wanted!

RAJRD is totally run by volunteers. It takes a village to grow an organization like this one, we’d love your assistance!

We have a core group of Roll Models preparing for next season already. We are actively recruiting officials (on skates or off, we will help teach you!), volunteers for events, administrative help, and committee heads. Let us know about your strengths and interests and we will find a great role for you. While several of our Roll Models don’t have any family members involved in the league, parent support is always welcomed (and encouraged!).

At the annual meeting for our league, 2 new members were elected to the Board of directors congratulations Poison IV on your election as Coaching Committee Liaison and Congratulations to our new secretary Stephanie (derby name TBD) This season we’d like to appoint a registrar to help ensure all skater information, forms and paperwork is kept up to date. A treasurer is also on the list of roles we’d like to fill. We have gear that needs to be fitted, organized, washed, and repaired regularly. We have merch that needs to be sold, sorted, ordered, and designed every year, including jerseys for each team/skill level. In order to host events we need a Bout Production volunteer to help coordinate all of the other moving parts (announcers, photographers, venues, officials, hospitality, concessions, videography, admission, merch, raffles/shout outs, charity/community partnerships, medics, etc). We have frequent requests to share skaters or travel to play games and would love to have someone (or several someones-ideally one person for each skill level working together) that can help arrange a travel and home games schedule that meets the skaters desires for competition while accounting for the commitment levels and availability of Roll Models and families to compete and travel. Design and Social Media can be tricky for anyone to navigate, but finding the right individuals to help us maintain an active, open-minded, anti-biased, friendly and attractive online presence would be a huge asset for our league. While our agreement with Roc City Roller Derby includes basic cleaning and maintenance, upon arriving at the space, checking for paper products/soap and ensuring we leave the space picked up and swept tends to fall on the league president each and every practice. Would you like to help coordinate a rotation of parents to ensure we clean up after ourselves, or would you like to be one of those parents?

Email rocjrderby at gmail dot com or connect with Morti if you’d like to assist with any of the tasks above, or if you have another idea or suggestion to help our league keep on rolling!

Find the “volunteer forms” to register as a volunteer at

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